Faroe Islands / Suduroy

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Faroe islands are totally dependent in fish industry. It's 95% of export and almost half of the GDP. So that's why this photo. (Tvøroyri) (*)
Streamside near Tvøroyri (DIA)
Harvesting grass as a reserve for the winter time for the sheep. (DIA)
Again interesting basalt appearing near Froðba (DIA)
Almost cave near Froðba (DIA)
Better to wear helmet under cliffs because of falling stones (DIA)
Entering heavenly village of Fámjin (DIA)
Coastline seen from Fámjin (DIA)
Men at work. Storing grass. (*)
Serene church of Fámjin (*)
Perfectly formed dale and bay of Fámjin (*)
I heard rock breaking and collapsing here. Terrible but mighty sound.

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