Faroe Islands / Suduroy

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Village of Sumba and Sumbiarhólmur (*)
Land is really forming clouds. Wind direction is to right. (*)
Harbor of Sumba (*)
Sumbiarhólmur seen from harbor (*)
Seen from harbor to north (*)
Comparingly small waves hits the cliffs (*)
Massive cliffs at Beinisvørð (DIA)
Beinisvørð 470m is the last cliff
One of the most spectacular places in Faroes
Fulmars glides with the blows of air
Same place to north

The sun has set
View over the edge.
Beinisvørð after sunset
Nakkur near Foðba and Lítla Dímun. Stóra Dímun is seen partly behind Nakkur.
The only uninhabited island is Lítla Dímun 414m. (*)
Almost unaccessable island with no flat land but still they take sheep to there.
From place near to Porkeri to north.
Really rare basalt formation appears in Hov. (DIA)

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