Faroe Islands / Suduroy

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Valley of Sandvík
Road that leads to Ásmundarstakkur
Ásmundarstakkur is 109m high selfstanding rock (*)
Glyvraberg is next to Ásmundarstakkur (DIA)
Bridge that leads to isolated hilltop so that sheep can eat grass from there (*)
At the level of clouds (*)
Glyvrabergsgjógv (gjógv=gorge) (*)
Face sculpture in Glyvrabergsgjógv (DIA)
...found little bit further from last place (DIA)
View over Ásmundarstakkur from the top of Glyvraberg (*)
Village of Hvalba (to south) (DIA)
West coastline of Hvalba (DIA)
Horn at the Akraberg. Farmost point of the Faroes in south. (DIA)
Sheep at the edge of the world (*)
Fulmar (*)
From Akraberg to north (DIA)

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